360 Sheds & Metal Buildings Privacy Policy

360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings uses cookies in the delivery of display advertisements to our website visitors on various sites across the internet. This is how the process works:

You visit our website. We place a cookie onto your browser. When you leave the website and visit a second website, 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings and/or its ad technology are able to recognize that browser cookie and serve a display ad to you.

These cookies do not store any PII, but they do record the following information: the set of people cookied, websites visited, where and when people viewed our ads, interactions (such as clicks) with an ad, and if a purchase was made. This type of information can in no way be used to identify a specific person or user of our service. This data will never be shared with third parties or used to display ads for a third party without explicit written permission from all parties.